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There are many kinds of noise-canceling headphones out there. They come in different shapes and sizes ,and a huge variety of price points. Some of the most common noise-canceling technologies are ANC and ENC, or Active Noise Cancelling, and ENC or Environmental Noise Cancelling. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they work.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling headphones use the science of sound waves to cancel noise around the wearer. 

To do this, a microphone on the outside of the headphones samples the noise around the wearer and calculates the size or amplitude and the frequency of the sound waves. It then produces a wave that is essentially a mirror image of the exterior noise wave. 

Since waves that are exact opposites of each other cancel each other out, the two waves in the headphones cancel each other out, and can block around 90% of external noise. 

This system is simple but requires that the technology is able to analyze the sound waves in real-time and produce an opposing wave nearly immediately, which is a pretty impressive feat for such a relatively small piece of equipment! 

Environmental Noise Cancelling

Environmental noise canceling, or ENC is a form of passive noise cancellation. Which means that unlike ANC technology, which captures sound, analyses the waves, and creates an opposite sound wave to neutralize it, ENC technology exists but does not specifically do anything.

Instead, ENC is based purely on the design of a product. So noise cancelling headphones that use ENC might have tighter fitting headbands and carefully designed ear padding. Noise-canceling earbuds usually fit better and might be made out of materials that mold to fit the shape of the ear.

By physically blocking sound from entering the ear, ENC headphones can block out a significant amount of surrounding noise. This system also doesn’t rely on any high tech system. So if you put on a set of headphones with well-designed ENC, you should already notice a significant reduction in ambient sound – even if they are not turned on.

Should You Have ANC or ENC?

There Are So Many Headphone Noise Reduction Functions: What Are ANC and ENC?

The truth is that ANC and ENC work best when used together.

When you combine the science of ANC with the design quality of ENC, you have the best chance of blocking the most environmental sound from the ear while you’re listening to music, a game, or at work.

When the passive ENC design of a set of headphones already blocks much of the surrounding sound, there’s less work for the ANC component of the technology to do. This usually means that you will hear less of the sound around you, with less work for your headphones.

Whatever you do, be sure to try out the headphones you’re considering buying. What works for one person might not work for another, and the best way to tell is by testing each pair you’re considering.

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