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The market for true wireless earbuds looks exciting in 2021. If it’s time to replace your old pair or move away from the inconvenience of wired earphones, make sure you have a look at the best true wireless earbuds that are well worth your money.

Apple AirPods 2

Apple is known for developing exceptional, highly customer-centric products. AirPods are popular true wireless earbuds that carry the esteem of the Apple brand. They were launched in 2016 and upgraded in 2019. The upgraded version, AirPods 2, has some thoughtful features that you’re sure to appreciate but miss out on a few you might deem important, even essential.

Let’s start with the good stuff. AirPods 2 has a new H1 chip that bumps up battery life to five hours on a single charge and offers a more robust connection for voice calls. The audio quality is impressive regardless of whether you’re pairing them with an iOS or Android device. Most high-end wireless earphones use the Bluetooth AAC codecs for an ‘audiophile experience,’ and AirPods 2 are no different.

AirPods 2 benefits from unique iOS features. For example, if you take an earbud out, the music pauses and resumes once you put it back in your ear. With a ‘Hey Siri’ command, you can activate the voice assistant hands-free. On the flip side, using Siri to control volume or skip tracks may be a bit awkward in public, making it appear that you’re talking to yourself!

A good improvement on the previous version incorporates the LED light on the front of the charging case from the case previously. The plastic charging case is sturdy and lightweight, never adding weight to your pocket while carrying your true wireless earbuds securely wherever you go.

AirPods 2 is not to block out ambient sounds. For active noise cancellation, you’ll need to upgrade to the even more expensive AirPods Pro. There’s also a bit of an issue about users finding it difficult to achieve a proper fit. For a snug fit, it appears that the AirPods need to be twisted up about 30 degrees so that the stem is horizontal. Unfortunately, if the earbuds fit loosely, they’re likely to let in more noise. There’s also the risk of losing an earbud. A workaround is to use silicone eartips or hooks to achieve a good grip.

Sony WF-1000XM3

It Released in 2019. The WF-1000XM3 is known for its excellent job in cutting out noise, courtesy of its QN1e noise-canceling processor. The best true wireless earbuds have impressive sound quality, and the Sony product doesn’t disappoint.

The earbuds use Bluetooth 5 and support SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. The specifications ensure a stable connection, allowing you to take calls without any fuzziness, distortion, or changes in audio quality. The microphone quality itself can be better in comparison to the SES6 and AirPods Pro. It is a significant factor if you need to take many calls throughout the day.

Battery life of six hours with active noise cancellation makes the WF-1000XM3 among the best true wireless earbuds in the market. However, the charging case is bulky and not as easy to toss in your pocket as other high-end products.

The earphones are pretty big, although the rubber seal on the inside provides a decent grip. The new version, WF-1000XM4, due for a June launch, comes with memory foam tips that Sony calls ‘noise isolation ear tips.’ The upgraded earbuds also claim to have a class-leading eight hours of battery life and offer wireless charging.

Are there any wireless earbuds with good quality but affordable prices?

The SES6 is among the latest wireless earbuds offering the comfort, autonomy, and sound quality you expect. Whether you plan to listen to music on your treadmill walks or immerse in the ultimate video-gaming experience, the SES6 has you covered. 

It has 8D audio that feels like a 360-degree sound moving in circles around your head. This multi-dimensional experience lacks cheap wireless earphones in which audio isn’t streamed to the same high levels between devices, resulting in average or poor sound quality. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 chip enables transmissions of up to 2MB/s with low latency, ensuring more stable signals. 

Ear-tips are an essential consideration when you’re buying true wireless earphones. They need to have an ergonomic design to remain in your ears without falling out when you move around. A half in-ear design allows the SES6 to stay securely and comfortably in your ear. Its silicon ear tips do not let in external noise.

As true wireless earphones have tiny batteries, manufacturers who claim a battery life of five hours or more should be taken with a grain of salt! Even the most popular wireless earphone brands have been seen to exaggerate playback time. 

With the SES6, you can expect about three hours of battery life. This is an exact number, so you know what you’re getting. Any other objective, independent review of the SES6 would confirm the same. The SES6 comes in a case that offers storage and also charges the earbuds. 

You can answer calls, adjust volume and change songs with simple touch controls. The earbuds offer two-ear calls, allowing you to switch seamlessly between music and calls. 

The SES6 is an all-rounder offering all the must-have features desired in cordless earpieces without the exorbitant prices of top brands. Please have a look at its style and features here

Weigh the pros and cons of true wireless earbuds to ensure that you’re spending your money on a value-for-money product. Avoid going solely by user reviews and being swayed by tall claims from manufacturers.

Keep your earbuds safe from moisture.

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