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How to Use Wireless Earbuds?

When it comes to convenience, many people prefer to use wireless earbuds. They are quite the rage among people of all age groups. These earbuds connect via Bluetooth, so you no longer need to untangle or fumble around with cumbersome wires. They have become so popular that most headphone manufacturers are trying to get a pair in the market.

With so many models available in the market, you will need a bit of research to find the right pair for you.
If you are new to wireless earbuds, here’s a brief guide on how to use them.

Find earbuds that fit your ears.

 There is a massive range of wireless earbuds available in the market. However, not everyone’s ear canals are the same shape and size. So, a pair that fits your ears may not fit your friend that well. Also, did you know ear canals in men are larger than that in women?

If your friends or family are already using earbuds, you may try those out to see if they fit your ears. You may also visit an electronics store and try out a few to find a pair that fits your ears perfectly.

Before you go looking for wireless earbuds, make sure to clean earwax out of your ears. You may be surprised to know wax build-up can sometimes change the size or shape of your ear canal. If your earbuds do not fit properly in your ears, either they are the wrong fit, or it is time to clean your ears.

When you have earbuds that fit your ears well, there is a lesser risk of them falling out.

Place your earbuds snugly for better sound quality.

For the best sound quality, your earbuds need to be lodged in your ear canal quite close to the eardrum. You may need to twist your earbuds a couple of times to ensure that they stay in place. When your earbuds fit snugly, they also block out most of the ambient sound, giving you a much better experience.
A useful trick that you can use to keep your earbuds in place is to hold your earbud with one hand and lightly pull your earlobe with the other. Doing so can slightly enlarge your ear canal, ensuring that your wireless earbuds fit properly. While you are pulling your earlobe, use the other hand to push the earbud into the ear canal slightly. However, be careful not to use too much pressure.

Connect your wireless earbuds with your device

 Wireless earbuds can be used with several devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. To connect your device with your earbuds, turn on the Bluetooth on your device that you intend to use. After that, tap on the “seek” button on the side of your earbud. You may need to check beforehand whether the seek button is on the right or left earbud.

 In a few moments, your device should show up on the list of available devices. If you are using your earbuds for the first time, it may take a couple of minutes or a couple of tries before it shows up on your list of devices.

 Once the name of your earbuds appears on the screen, tap on it to connect your earbuds to your device. If your device still does not connect, you may need to look up the user manual of your phone or tablet for instructions on how to connect to wireless devices.

Controlling the earbuds

 Some high-end wireless earbuds come with their remote control. You can use the remote to adjust the volume, answer or mute a call, or skip songs. If your earbuds come with a remote, make sure to carry the remote whenever you go jogging or outdoors.

For earbuds that don’t come with a remote, they can be controlled using the buttons on the side of the earbuds. You can use these buttons to answer a call or to hang up or mute a call. When listening to music, you can use the same buttons to play or pause a song or to skip a song.It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the buttons on the earbuds so that you don’t accidentally press the wrong button.

What do you do if the buttons are too small for your fingers? Unfortunately, you will then need to use your device, smartphone or tablet, to control the earbuds.

Make sure to charge your wireless earbuds when not using them.

 Thankfully, wireless earbuds have long battery life. But they still need to be charged from time to time.

The charging mechanism will however differ from earbud to earbud. Typically, most earbuds come with a small charging case that they charge in. When not using the earbuds, plug in the port to a wall outlet and attach your earbuds to the charging case.

Keeping your earbuds charged is a good habit since it allows you to use them whenever you want. You would surely not want your earbud batteries to die out in the middle of an important call, do you?

How do you know if your wireless earbuds are fully charged?

When connected, you can see a battery bar in the top right corner of your phone. In most cases, it is usually beside your phone battery bar. If your earbud batteries are running low, the battery bar turns red and you get a voice alert stating your battery is running low.

If you are tired of those pesky wires, then wireless earbuds are fantastic for exercising or listening to music. They are perfect for people who are always on the move. If you are thinking of getting a pair for yourself, the market is filled with choices.

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