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8 Quick Tips to Care for You Wireless Earbuds So That They Last Longer (1)

Quick Tips to Care for Your Wireless Earbuds So That They Last Longer

If you are tired of your earphone wires getting tangled all the time, it may be time to invest in a pair of wireless earbuds. The most significant advantage of wireless earbuds is convenience. However, just like you care for your smartphone or laptop, your wireless earbuds also need proper care if you need them to last a long time. Failing to take good care of your earbuds can also cause the sound performance to deteriorate over time.So, how should you take care of your wireless earbuds? Here are a few handy tips.

Always keep your earbuds clean.

 With regular use, your earbuds also get dirty. Ear wax, grime, dead skin cells, and other facial products get stuck on your earbuds. Your earbuds pick up dirt even when you keep them in your pocket or bag. Hence, it is recommended that you clean your earbuds at least once a week or more.

Considering that earbuds are pretty small, how do you ensure that you clean them well? You could use cotton swabs or an earbud cleaning brush to remove any dirt from them. Ensure that you don’t push the cotton swabs too deep, or you may end up going wax and dirt deeper into the earbuds. Don’t use any alcohol or other chemicals to clean your earbuds. Also, don’t be tempted to use toothpicks or needles to clean your earbuds as you could end up damaging them.

Please keep them in their storage case always.

Keeping your wireless earbuds lying in your bag only makes them collect dirt, thereby damaging them. If you want your earbuds to the last longer, always store them properly. Most wireless earbuds come with their storage case, either as a protective case or a pouch. When you store your earbuds properly, you keep them safe from dirt and moisture, prolonging their life.

Sharing your earbuds is not a good idea.

Getting new wireless earbuds can be exciting and you may want to share them with your friends. However, having lots of people shove your earbuds into their ears is a bad idea. Neither is it hygienic nor is it good for your earbuds. Sharing your earbuds regularly with other people is even worse. Limiting the use of your earbuds to yourself keeps them protected from ear wax, grime, and dead skin cells, making them last longer.

Overcharging could harm your earbuds.

You want to keep your earbuds charged at all times so that the batteries don’t die out when you need them. However, keeping your earbuds connected to the charging port for prolonged periods could do more harm than good. Once your earbuds have been fully charged, it is a good habit to disconnect them from the charging port. Whether you use a USB charger or a charging case, always disconnect the power when your earbuds are fully charged.

Overcharging reduces your playback time and could even hamper the audio capabilities. If you often forget to disconnect your earbuds, you should opt for those that intuitively stop charging once they are fully charged.


Don’t sleep with your earphones on.

Going to sleep while listening to your favorite music may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Whether it is to drown out the noise from the streets outside or the construction next door, sleeping with earbuds in your ears is not good.
Wireless earbuds sit deep in your ear canal, and sleeping with them could lead to increased ear wax buildup. Earbuds block the air circulation around the ear, which could cause ear wax to be pressed into the eardrum. Excessive ear wax buildup is not good either for your health or your earbuds.
Extended periods of earbuds use could also irritate the ear canal. The ear canal connects the outer ear to the eardrum and is very important. However, prolonged use of earbuds, especially while sleeping, could damage the skin around the ear canal causing fluid to enter the ear. This could also cause severe pain in the ear.

Take care of your earbuds when traveling.

Wireless earbuds are highly preferred by those who are always on the go. They add convenience, which is extremely conducive to constant traveling. If you use wireless earbuds during traveling, you must take good care of them. It may be easier to store your earbuds in your pocket while traveling, but that will only cause them to pick up dirt. Store them in their pouch or storage case to ensure that they remain safe and protected. Also, keys or coins that you put in your pocket could scratch your earbuds, damaging them.

Keep your earbuds safe from moisture.

Most modern devices come with a high water resistance rating, but prolonged exposure to moisture could still damage them. Hence, it is important to keep your wireless earbuds away from moisture to increase their lifespan. Sweat or unforeseen spills could hamper the audio capabilities or even cause a complete breakdown.

Keep track of your warranty status.

Taking good care of your wireless earbuds can definitely prolong their lifespan. However, even after proper care, if your earbuds are not providing quality sound, you may need to get them checked out by a professional. Keeping track of your warranty status may mean that you could get your earbuds repaired or replaced without spending any money.

Taking good care of your wireless earbuds can ensure longevity and top-class audio quality all the time.

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