7 Must-Have Features of Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Purchasing superior wireless earbuds is quite a hassle these days, with so many models available on the market.

The gadgets not only vary in price, but also in features and quality. Most manufacturers today are hurrying to get their pair of wireless earbuds to the market. The struggle to take a market share even compels some to customize existing generic products.

Nevertheless, we have to remember that not all earbuds are equal in all aspects.
There are excellent earbuds on the market as well as awful ones. As a result, anyone looking to buy a decent device must be very attentive and thorough in their search for their ideal gadget. You have to look out for good features that make earbuds worthwhile.

If you have a weakness for great music, wireless earbuds will offer you convenience and comfort when exercising or walking to work. You might even be allowed to use them at work, so it’s important that you make the right choice.

Below are some features to look out for in your next pair of cordless earphones:

1.  Codecs 

Identifying the right codecs that are compatible with your cordless device is vital when choosing the best gadget. Most average models operate on a codec without profound sound. This codec, SBC, is a bit flat because of limitations on transmission speed. Some phones support this version and the advanced quality AAC codecs only.

Android users can enjoy a wide range of earbuds given their device’s compatibility with various Bluetooth audio codecs. This is especially true for those using the latest versions of android. Airegal’s earbuds support hi-res aptX HD and offer very high-quality sound.

2. Ear Tips

An ear tip is a critical feature in any cordless earphone. When looking for an excellent device, preference for this feature is key.

Devices come with different ear tips, and this is why choosing an earbud that you find comfortable will go a long way. Some people prefer ear tips made of silicone, which are typically small or shallow. Conversely, some users opt for ear tips that feature external noise preventing seals.

An ear tip is, therefore, very important when choosing a device. While you can easily change the tips, fitting them to the charging case can be quite a challenge. For example, long tips cannot fit into shallow charging cases. In any case, it is best to look out for optimum compatibility and comfort in an ear tip.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will want to choose an earbud that won’t drop out as soon as you jump into action.

Airegal’s earbuds feature a semi in-ear structure that fits the ear canal securely, giving you a stable wearing experience.

3. Controls

An excellent wireless earbud would have the most basic controls on it. Buttons include volume control, voice commands, skip track, and power on/off. Skip and previous track buttons are also available on some models.

Cheaper wireless earbuds don’t include buttons and, as such, require you to use a smartphone as a control.

Remarkably, some brands include smart features that automatically pause music once you pull the device out of your ear. While such capabilities can be enticing, try to choose a device that features highly responsive controls.

Airegal’s S6 earbuds are some such earbuds that offer multi-function one-button intelligent operation. The button is straightforward to operate and comfortable to touch.

4. Battery Endurance

On average, most wireless earphones should have a playing time of up to eight hours. However, most earbuds in the market fall below the quoted value by 20 percent.

Devices charge through an inbuilt battery in the packaging case. Once the earbuds’ power has been depleted, you can comfortably recharge them in the case. The case has enough battery to charge the devices more than three times.

Sometimes, manufacturers might promise 15 hours of playing time, but this can easily be confused. You should note that this figure refers to the number of hours you can get from the case before needing to recharge it.Always opt for earbuds with longer battery life.

5. Noise Cancellation Feature

Very few wireless earbuds offer the noise cancellation feature.

This feature allows for the reduction of external noise when listening to music and gives a better music experience as a result. Notably, noise cancellation consumes a lot of battery which lowers playback time. You may find that earbuds are bulkier when they have larger batteries to contend with the high consumption. Some devices even have a mute button to allow you to listen to external sounds.

6. Charging Case

A charging case is vital for any earbud lover out there. The charging case recharges the earbuds as well as storing them. Those looking to stay outdoors for longer will need to get a high-quality and secure charging case.

Airegal’s S6 Plus charging case has true power LED intelligent displays. It allows you to check the remaining charge on the earbuds, the power remaining in the charging bin, and the time. You should also check how robust the hinges are to determine the quality of the charging case.

7. Volume

It is easy to overlook this feature, but it’s critical for wireless devices. Every earbud has different volume levels. While some are comfortable at a volume level of 50 percent, some must be turned up to 100 percent for optimal audibility. Checking the volume levels is vital if you want to get that quality music experience out of your earbuds.

Check out our selection of feature-rich Airegal earbuds that best fit your needs. You can also get customized devices with your logo, brand, name, or slogan.

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